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Genre Guns and Roses
Cast Raja Gowtham, Alisha Baig

Basanthi jeevi review Arjun (Raja Goutham) is a carefree youngster who is studying in Basanthi college. He falls in love at first sight with Roshini (Alisha Baig) who the daughter of city police commissioner Khan (Sayaji Shinde). Gaazi (Dr. KSI) is a terror organization’s leader who is in Hyderabad to create havoc at an international conference. But cops come to know about his hideout and busts it. In the process of evading cops, the gang of terrorists enter Basanthi college where the farewell program is going on and takes students as hostage. The rest of the story is all about how Arjun handles the situation and frees his fellow students.

Artists Performance

Acctors: Raja Goutham is decent as an actor and did well in serious scenes. However, he need to improve in performing casual scenes and dances. New actress Alisha Baig has average looks but performed well. Ranadhir played his part well. Naveena Jackson is bubbly in the role of Ranadhir’s girlfriend. Tanikella Bharani is natural as hero’s father. Sayaji Shinde enacted his part well, but his English diction not good (for an IPS officer). Dr. KSI who is basically a noted theater actor in Hyderabad has donned the role of terrorist and he performs extremely well. Bhanu is good as a sleeper cell member.

Technical departments

Story - screenplay - direction: The story idea is good and different from the run-of-the-mill stories we are offered. Director Chaitanya Danthuluri has succeeded in setting the plot up well. The entire first half is concentrated on introducing characters and driving the story to the main plot point. The heart of the film lies in the episodes related to hero saving hostages. These episodes should have been more intelligently written and more effectively handled.

Other departments: Background music by Mani Sharma is outstanding. Songs are good. I expected Thirugubatidi song to have some situational strength. But the director used it for a song on hero’s gang in introduction episodes. Vellakura song is good. Cinematography by Anil Bandari and Varma is nice. Dialogues by Srikanth Vissa are good. Fights choreographed by Dragon Prakash are impact making. Production values by producer Chaitanya Dantuluri complements the story.


First half of the film is decent. The hostage rescue episodes should have been gripping in second half. Chaitanya Danthuluri is a promising filmmaker and takes up a potential subject, but falls short in making it a well-made film. Plus points of the film are different plot point and background score. On the flipside, the second half should have been more impact making. We have to wait and see how movie lovers embrace this movie.
Director Chaitanya Dhantuluri
Producer Chaitanya Dhantuluri
Screenplay Chaitanya Dhantuluri
Editor Chaitanya Dhantuluri
Storywriter Marthand.K.Venkatesh
Music Manisharma
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